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Giving Back to Our Community

History of Optimum Cares

As Optimum Safety Management has grown, we’ve realized the opportunity for impact beyond our client base. Starting in 2009, we’ve set aside a portion of our profits to give back to our community in the Greater Chicagoland Area during the Christmas season. With the support of our clients and community, we’ve been able to support local Gift Marts, community events, and the Children’s Hunger Fund.

This Christmas Season, We’re Supporting

Children’s Hunger Fund

1.29 billion people in the world—more than the entire population of Africa–live on less than $1.25 (USD) a day. Most lack access to one or more basic human needs: sufficient food, safe drinking water, or adequate shelter. Children’s Hunger Fund provides nourishing food for hungry kids across America and around the world. CHF distributes Food Paks and other aid through local churches so that they may deliver hope to suffering children and families in their communities.¹


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Hear from CEO & Founder, Steve Yates on Optimum Cares from 2016

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