Today's Healthcare Workers are Not Expendable

Whether examining the patient care environment or “back of house” support staff, the healthcare industry faces many challenges with the safety of its workforce. Typical nursing environments place a high degree of emphasis on patient safety even at the risk of those responsible for patient care. Similar to the nursing environment, the support environments such as housekeeping and food service face many exposures to soft tissue injuries due to manual material handling and aging workforce issues. Additional complexities are caused by unexpected emergent events related to patient and family member contact.

Optimum Safety Management can help close the gap between the level of care and concern for the patient vs. that of the employee. Optimum Safety Management partners with the healthcare organization to evaluate the facilities, policies and procedures, work and hiring practices, equipment, and other considerations. Optimum Safety Management further assists healthcare facilities in making the necessary changes to provide for the viability of their workforce, while also meeting the requirements of regulatory agencies.

Utilizing its core competencies and experience, Optimum Safety Management staff can provide innovative solutions to a variety of complex issues. Working in conjunction with subject matter experts within the healthcare organization, Optimum Safety Management works to be a unifying force in finding the right solution for a safer workplace balancing investment and return.

“There is need for the healthcare profession to start recognizing and addressing employee exposure to hazards in the healthcare industry.”

John Howard

Director of NIOSH


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