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Equip managers and supervisors with safety leadership workshops designed to strengthen your culture and profitability for total company improvement.

Now offered through an elevated online learning experience.

Your state’s deadline for providing Sexual Harassment training is approaching.

OptimumOnline has the plan for you.

Workshops Designed for Behavioral Change

A series of workshops designed to develop and engage leaders through an experiential learning environment and equip them to lead behavioral and cultural change.

Fundamentals of Safety for Supervisors

The foundations of safety necessary for supervisors to understand and reduce risk of injury in the workplace.

High-Impact Observations

Enhance supervisors’ ability to properly communicate best practices and understanding of dangerous exposures.

Job Safety Briefings

Building upon knowledge and experience gained in High-Impact Observations. Supervisors will develop skills that move away from 1 on 1 coaching, to lead and engage a larger group. 

Safety Leadership

Recognize the elements of an optimal safety culture and understand your critical role in its development.

Physical Hazard Identification

Learn to analyze hazards and leverage inspections to increase effectiveness. Turn routine supervisor inspections into opportunities for employee engagement.

Incident Investigation & Response

Learn how to apply credible skills to respond appropriately to incidents and conduct effective root cause analysis to eliminate identifiable exposures.

Join from Anywhere.

Attendees can join from any facility, worksite, at home or on the road using Zoom video conferencing, allowing for safe social distancing while maintaining engagement. 

Share in Interactive Whiteboard Activities.

View a live whiteboard cast as your facilitator leads breakout activities.

Using Kaptivo whiteboard technology in the Optimum Center for Safety Leadership® Zoom Studio, your facilitator will share whiteboard activities in real-time for all participants to see.


Interact with Your Facilitator in a Seamless Experience.

This isn’t your average Zoom meeting. Connect, interact and collaborate with your facilitator as if in-person as they utilize the Zoom Studio at the Optimum Center for Safety Leadership®.

Facilitators will lead the workshop live through a classroom complete with professional audio/visual equipment, whiteboard technology, and multi-screen viewing for a seamless experience.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve never seen our team so engaged and excited. And the conversations started during this workshop haven’t stopped. Months later, we’re still seeing the impact of this workshop – but I guess that’s the point. 

Mark Atkins Jr.

General Manager, Benchmark Construction

I want to thank Optimum Safety for the outstanding instructions provided to our employees. Their professionalism, dedication, and knowledge of the subject matter is impeccable. Their real-world experience and job site knowledge came through in the approach and teaching style. Camco is now better prepared to take on the future and perform our daily workload safely due to these instructions.

John Turrentine

Safety Coordinator, Construction by Camco


Who should attend these workshops?

Any individual in a front-line supervisor or managerial position.

What do you mean by ‘interactive’ and ‘experiential?’

You will not be just a student in a virtual classroom taking notes. Your facilitator will share knowledge and challenge you to participate. Using small group breakout sessions, you’ll be encouraged to engage and collaborate with your fellow participants.

Will the leadership skills learned about safety be beneficial to other areas of operations?

Absolutely! The leadership and communication skills learned will also transfer to the leadership of other areas like productivity and quality.

Can I take the workshops out of order?

Yes, but it is not recommended. The workshop topics are designed to build upon each other. Attending out of order will not give maximum benefit.

Can I record the workshop so I can view later, or so others can view?

No – The workshops are designed to be live education using experiential learning with interaction between the student and facilitator. This is as opposed to standard safety training. The interactions are where the student experiences a different way to interact with others.

Are the workshops accredited or offer CEUs?

Not currently. The Optimum Center for Safety Leadership® is in the process of Accreditation by IACET. We anticipate being able to issue CEU’s sometime in the first quarter of 2021.

How will participants receive workshop materials and handouts?

Each attendee will receive a unique link before the workshop allowing them to download materials tailored to them.

Can multiple people attend a workshop on one Zoom link?

No – To receive the full interactive workshop experience, each attendee must have their own seat at a workstation with a camera, microphone and speakers.

What technology do I need to participate?
  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless 3G and above.
  • Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth.
  • Don’t have speakers or a microphone – call in on your phone.
  • A webcam or HD webcam – built-in or USB plug-in.
What type of environment is necessary to attend the meeting?

Any office, conference room, or home office that’s quiet and allows for free conversation without interruptions. The students’ microphone should be able to stay on without being muted or having background noise pushed into the meeting environment.

What happens if I miss a workshop session?

You can attend the next available session of that workshop.

How long does it take to complete the entire series of 6 workshops?

We recommend that you spread the workshops out over time to absorb what you learn and practice it at work. Between workshops, we offer optional one-to-one coaching in your work environment to reinforce what was learned, and further mentor an attendee.

I’m considering an OSHA 30-Hour Course for my supervisors. How does the Fundamentals of Safety compare?

The OSHA 30-Hour Course contains a broad set of topics that will be wider than necessary for most workplaces. This causes a waste of precious resources in productivity and payroll. Also, OSHA mandates the use of their presentations for sections of the course. The students are coached to call OSHA when there are problems in the workplace. This circumvents managements’ ability to correct the issues and exposes the employer to regulatory inspections, citations, and penalties. The foundations courses are taught specific to an industry, so they are tightly targeted. They also include soft skills for the supervisor to understand their role in identifying exposures and mitigating the risks to both the employee and the employer. We believe this targeted approach far outweighs any value of an OSHA 30-Hour card, unless the card is required by a customer of the employer. Optimum also offers the OSHA 10 and 30-Hour courses if they are needed in a case such as this.recommend that you spread the workshops out over time to absorb what you learn and practice it at work.

I’ve taken the OSHA 30-Hour course. Do I need to take the Fundamentals of Safety workshop?

If you completed the OSHA 30-Hour course within the last three years and have been using the knowledge gained with good retention, OCSL considers that an adequate foundation to build upon. You may then proceed to the first of the workshops, Safety Leadership.

I’ve taken the OSHA 10-Hour course. Do I need to take the Fundamentals of Safety workshop?

Yes. The OSHA 10-Hour course is designed for front line workers, not supervisors. It is too light in content to provide an adequate soft skills and hazard identification foundation.

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