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PerceptionPulseTM Engagement Survey

Unlike Optimum’s P3 Safety Culture AnalysisTM, which takes a deep dive into everything (people, plants, and processes), the PerceptionPulseTM Engagement Survey is specifically focused on your people and their perceptions of your organization’s safety culture. Designed to maximize effectiveness, the PerceptionPulseTM Engagement Survey measures alignment cultural perceptions between management, supervisors, and employees across dozens of data points in four key categories:

  • Safety Culture
  • Management & Leadership
  • Perceived Organizational Support
  • Processes & Systems
perceptionpulse engagement survey 4 key areas of measurement


The gaps between your organization’s perception of safety culture and the reality are often quite different.

Q: Do your supervisors regularly
speak with you about safety?
A: No, hardly ever.

Q: Do you regularly speak to
your team about safety?
A: Yes, every single day.

Dig in deep and learn where your strengths are and where you need improvement: by role, department, shift, seniority level, and more. Below are some real examples of findings (and recommendations) from recent surveys:

PerceptionPulse illustrative charts

Survey says:

“10% of respondents disagree/strongly disagree that there is a strong and effective safety culture.”

“17% of the Operations department stated that they do not consistently wear their PPE; while 100% of supervisors/managers stated their direct reports wore their PPE all the time. (This is a perception issue and having supervisors focusing on PPE for a few weeks can help shift norms back to expectations)

“12% of respondents disagree/strongly disagree that resources are readily available to repair or correct safety hazards. (This lessens the amount of reporting you will receive since those employees feel it’s a waste of time to report. Often this is a communication issue where fixes are not being communicated effectively to the entire facility)

“7% of respondents disagree/strongly disagree that they are encouraged to report unsafe work conditions or practices. (This can indicate pushback against reporting from supervisory staff/management)

“32% of [department] disagree/strongly disagree that their supervisor conducts formal observations and provides feedback on my safe/unsafe work practices.”

Cut through the Noise and Uncover Your Truth

Your managers say they talk about safety regularly, but their direct reports disagree. You could schedule interviews with all your employees and try and sort through the he said, she said yourself. Or you could let Optimum do the work for you.

We’ll deploy the survey, analyze the responses, and deliver your PerceptionPulse™ Engagement Survey results in an easy-to-understand, comprehensive report with recommendations on closing any gaps.