Build a Safety Training System That Works

Are you frustrated by safety training that yields little to no result? Meet OptimumOnline™, a comprehensive safety training platform that will place your employees on a sure path to success and save you time on management.

How Our System Works

To optimize the training experience, we view training in three working categories:

New Hire Orientation

Your new staff come with all sorts of pre-conceived ideas of how they will perform at work. Right from the beginning, we let them know your culture and expectations, setting them up for success right from the start.

This includes:

  1. General Safety Orientation
  2. Department-Specific Orientation
  3. Human Resources Policies
  4. Leadership and Computer Skills (such as; Sexual Harassment, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Microsoft Office, )

Specific Training

Each job assignment has a unique set of exposures to risk. Following a job hazard analysis, train your staff members to apply the necessary controls, so they understand how to protect themselves and their co-workers.

This includes:

  1. Job Specific Hazards (such as; Lockout/Tagout and Respiratory Protection)
  2. Standard Operating Procedures (such as; Equipment Operation and Confined Space Entry Procedures)
  3. Certifications (such as; Forklift Operator and MEWP Operator)

Ongoing Training

Vigilance with consistent safety messaging is vital to a strong culture of safe production and maintaining compliance with annual training requirements. A well-designed system of weekly toolbox talks is your best first step.

This includes:

  1. Weekly Toolbox Talk Training
  2. Refresher Training

What Our Clients are Saying

Optimum Online has been instrumental in helping Mahoney Environmental accomplish its safety training objectives. Optimum Safety has worked with Mahoney to develop several Mahoney specific training programs that have helped us reinforce key messages with our employees.

Steve Jones

Mahoney Environmental

How Training Solutions are Delivered

Our team has designed training content types to fit your organization’s needs. Regardless of access to technology or size of workforce, we’ll help you find a solution that works for you.

Focus3 Toolbox Talk PDF Content Libary

Over 215 Toolbox Talks available as PDFs to be easily used on construction sites or locations without ready access to internet. Plus, they’re available in both English and Spanish!

Focus3 Toolbox Talk Interactive Content

Over 150 interactive training videos accompanied by quizzes upon completion of training. New topics are added every month. Current topics include: OSHA Inspections, PPE, Materials Handling, and more!

Weekly Training Schedule for Toolbox Talks

With your subscription, we’ll include a year-long training schedule specific to your type of construction or manufacturing operation to assist in meeting your annual compliance training requirements.

Custom Content for Your Company

As needed, Optimum can create custom content for your organization. This may include training on standard operating procedures, policies and New Hire Orientations. You can also upload your custom training content and assign to employees for completion.

Pay-Per-View Content Library

Over 1,200 interactive training videos accompanied by quizzes upon completion. All trainings available in English, many in Spanish and French. This library includes trainings on arc flash protection (NFPA 70E), communication, leadership and sexual harassment. Pre-paid packages are available for volume users at a significant discount.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

Choose a subscription level based off your organizations training needs and growth plans. Need help deciding on the best plan for your organization? Speak with our team today.

Ready to get started?

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