People-Centered Safety Process™

Cultural change occurs through a continuous improvement approach, taking organizations beyond zero injuries with our Engagement-Based Safety Approach. Engage all employees for cultural change with a proven process.

Changing the culture of the organization is essential to achieving zero workplace injuries. The mindset for cultural change is based on the 4 Keys to Continuous Improvement:

Safety Leadership – Creating a culture of safety begins with leadership. In any organization, leadership creates the atmosphere that drives and supports the culture. Developing pillars of safety leadership provides opportunity to produce cultural change.

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Employee Engagement – Engaged employees are people that are highly motivated and vested in the success of their organizations and are willing to make an extra discretionary effort in their daily work. Simply put, companies with higher percentages of engaged employees perform better than their industry peers.

Sustainable Solutions – Leadership must consider how this process will grow in the long-term. Creating realistic and maintainable solutions with a focus on continuous improvement allows the process to grow over time and further engage employees.

Systems Focus – The workforce can only perform as well as the systems they work within. To continually improve the organization, there must be an understanding of what drives employee actions or why exposures are not recognized.

Why Culture is the #1 Influence on Safety


Culture can either be your organization’s biggest asset or greatest enemy. Culture is what influences an employee to disregard Personal Protective Equipment even though you’ve told them otherwise multiple times. Culture is also what could lead an employee to eliminate a hazard in their coworker’s way without being asked. 


Learn how Mahoney Environmental went from fire damage to an effective safety culture.

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